Monday, March 31, 2014

Regional Officers Election at the NY Regional PTK Convention

by Heebeom Yang

Talking with alumni, Yoseph Lee and Seungh wan Oh, definitely helped guide me through the process of running for a NY Regional Officer position. I took a look and see what kind of work I would have to do as the Alumni Representative regional officer and what the eligibility requirements were for the position. Before I decided to run for the position, I contacted the current Alumni Representative, Carlos to get some tips for the elections.
                He told me that the position really depends on my talent and how I deliver my speech within two minutes.  Having gone through for the election and given a speech, I would suggest to prospective active members that to run for an officer will definitely challenge you. The election required me to have good communication skills to deliver my message to the audience. Also, I needed creative ideas on how I could make contributions to the New York Region PTK as an Alumni Representative. The Alumni Representative position that I ran for would be a lot of work but this position would train me to become a better leader.
                To prepare for election process, I need to complete the registration form, get it signed by an adviser and myself and take it to the Regional conference in Corning, NY. During a general session, I needed to be nominated by a member, but it was possible to nominate myself too. I needed to give a two minute speech to all the PTK members present at the conference. I was not able to attend other nominee’s speeches because they made us leave the room.
                In my speech, I asked that I not ' be judged by my accent but on my abilities’ and I tried to emphasize that even though English is my second language, I can challenge myself to improve my abilities and skills. I tired to show them that as the Alumni Representative. I would give my abilities back to the PTK community in the New York Region. For me, it was really good experience to speak in front of a large audience even though, I wasn’t elected.
                For future Phi Theta Kappa members who would like to run for a Regional Officer position, I would say that you must push yourself to overcome the challenge in front of you.  If you are running because you think this process and being a Regional Officer will be easy, then you might want to reconsider your choice because there’s no such thing as an easier way to go.

What are the duties of a Phi Theta Kappa Executive Secretary?

by Heebeom Yang

This blog posting explains the Phi Theta Kappa nomination and election process and what it means to be the Executive Secretary. First, you must attend at least one general meeting prior to the election, speak with the current officer in the position you want, read the Alpha Theta Phi chapter bylaws, and speak with an advisor about your intention to run for an officer position. Second, a candidate can be nominated in several ways: at the Election meeting, you can nominate yourself or nominate someone else to run for an officer position.
            What are the Executive Secretary’s roles responsibilities and how do you get them done? If someone asked me what the Executive Secretary does, I would answer that the person takes minutes at all meetings and is responsible for communication with prospective and current chapter members. The minutes maintain an accurate record of all general and officers meetings. Secondly, this position requires a lot of communication with members, so writing and organizing are good ways to manage member email list. I create chapter contact lists by using Excel. I also create email blurbs and send emails to members about upcoming events. Finally, this position requires two mandatory office hours, so you should be prepared to work these hours into your schedule.
            To be successful in this officer position, you need to have organizational skills, listening skills clear and concise writing and record-keeping skills. I highly recommend that you use a daily planner, like Google calendar, where you can write down important dates and keep track of schedule meetings. 
            Actually, I struggled with composing email content and writing minutes for general and officers meetings. I continue to polish my English skills especially, writing and listening skills. In order to write concisely, I took extra English courses (Eng 110- Grammar and Syntax). Also, every time, my advisers would help me proofread the minutes.  Sometimes, I asked my officers to proofread and edit my writing.
            Nothing is easy. However, if you have a passion for it, you will achieve it.

            Good Luck!

What are the Hallmarks?

“One of the qualifications for being a five star chapter.”

By Heebeom Yang

Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society (PTK) is an organization which promotes higher academic achievement. PTK implements five star membership for chapters which depends on members’ achievements in terms of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership. Our responsibilities and duties as active chapter members is to maintain our chapter’s 5-star rating.
                Our chapter implements a College Project and Honors in Action (HIA) event in order to qualify as a 5-star chapter. Our Alpha Phi Theta chapter has been working on the Honors in Action, a research project, since last June. The purpose of the HIA project is to define a problem and find an answer to it. In order to conduct research we used the Honors Study Topic booklet to choose a main topic. Throughout the summer we did research on the chosen topic and organized an event to share our research findings with the college community; the event was titled “College Rankings…do you know?” The purpose of this event was to inform students about the college ranking systems. Most students just base their transfer choices on higher ranked universities or colleges due to those college’s reputations and rankings.  We wanted to correct this habit; therefore, we emphasized that college rankings don’t represent the only way how our academic journey can be successful. Our guest speaker, Ms. Benetta Parson led a discussion about the rankings systems at the end of the event.
                Once the event was complete, we had to write a Hallmark essay on the whole project. We collected research and survey data to use in writing about the outcomes of our project for the Hallmark essay. During the writing process, I learned many things in terms of team work and communication skills for building better relationships. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

PTK New Member Orientation

Dear Phi Theta Kappans,

The new member orientation powerpoint is now viewable online! Click and learn more about PTK.

Regional Conference 2014!

by Tishara Reid

      I was thrilled to be among those that attended Phi Theta Kappa’s annual regional conference. This year, the conference was held in Corning, New York. It was truly an awesome experience! At the conference I got a chance to take part in fellowship with students from other chapters, and hear from a host of different admissions officers from institutions such as New York University and Long Island University. Additionally, the conference also had dynamic speakers that opened my eyes to so many new ideas.
    On Saturday morning we had breakout sessions where we were able to go to different workshops that were covering different topics. The workshop I attended was focused on chapter recruitment. The presenters for this workshop were actually chapter officers from Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). They did a really phenomenal job and, at first, I was shocked that they were actually students! They spoke so eloquently about the subject matter and this was a true testament of how thoroughly Phi Theta Kappa students develop their interpersonal and speaking abilities. They spoke about different strategies that each chapter could utilize to recruit more members. They emphasized that it in order to recruit and retain members, the chapter should elicit a greater presence around the college. They suggested that a great way to do this would be to have events in which alumni would be given the opportunity to share their experience with new members and encourage them to participate more. Additionally, the speakers at the workshop also suggested ways to ensure that every member is kept in contact with. This can be done through the use of electronic sign in sheets and more frequent emails. During this portion of the session I realized that our chapter was not the only chapter having issues with members writing illegibly on sign in sheets. We also went over various other methods to improve our general meeting experience and how to make our overall chapter more attractive to prospective members.

    In conclusion, the entire regional conference experience was one to remember. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to attend. Not only did I gain knowledge but I met a lot of pretty amazing people!

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